Social Squeezer – April 10th – Alex Shelton + John Bass

A breakthrough for social media marketing has arrived! Alex Shelton together with  John Bass, have created Social Squeezer. This is a software that will help you gain traffic and conversion primarily from social networking sites (e.g. Twitter), it helps you spread word about your service to a broader audience and build your list with authentic e-mail addresses. This is highly recommended for the use of both beginners and experts alike since this software provides quality content, strategies and does all the hard work automatically for the user. The Social Squeezer link can come in the form of a button, banner or a standard link and can be posted anywhere! You can even the use the widget if you plan on putting it in a blog. This software ensures you one hundred per cent money back guarantee in a matter of weeks and a huge addition of names to your list using the one-click link solution.

Alex Shelton has started his career as an internet entrepreneur when he was only 15 years old. Since then, he’s been specializing in social media marketing but has good grasp of knowledge of  internet marketing. He’s been known for being a part of successful product launches such as the Twitter Domination system and the Niche Marketing boot camp. Although not much is known about John Bass, he is still known as one of the great internet gurus that helped Alex Shelton develop this easy to use and understand software.

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